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  1. On a mission to redefine vocational training in Egypt
    To deliver the most relevant British training experience possible, we continually examine the traditional model of training, question its effectiveness, and make changes to our curriculum based on real market insight powered by our home institution Notting Hill College - UK. To professional educators & business people like us, that sounds like common sense. In the training sector, it’s revolutionary.Our mission is simple: to bring the most relevant global training experience possible in Egypt.

  2. Defining reachability
    Today, we are the most international vocational training college in Egypt. We have locations in three of Egypt’s most influential cities plus an interactive virtual campus, vocational training programs engineered to enable students to move between locations or study through internet, student advisers available 24\7, and a world-class faculty that combines global experience with local expertise capable of delivering British accredited programmes to multicultural students.

  3. Innovation in education
    Adapting to change in the Egyptian workplace is not enough. To lead positive change, we must seek out new and better ways of delivering training solutions. We created talent solutions, which is redefining how vocational college interacts with employers to place their graduates. Notting Hill College – UK, whom we’re part of, completely redesigned the curriculu. which saw it win the ASIC accreditation, is the world’s first to be designed in collaboration with global educators and employers. And we’re just getting started.

  4. A different kind of graduate
    Our graduates make us what we are. They define how successful we are as a vocational college, and are proof of the effectiveness of the training we provide. Our graduates’ career progress show how well they’re doing in the job market, and illustrate the top employers they work for. But it is the stories of what they’re doing that tell us we have some of the most dynamic, entrepreneurial, and forward-thinking graduates in Egypt.

  5. Strength in Accreditation
    Our adherence to the international standards of the training industry has enabled us to establish and maintain a global reputation for top-of-the-line courses and services. Notting Hill College's UK campus is accredited by Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC) Notting Hill College is an approved centre of TQUK Notting Hill College is an ASIQUAL validated centre.

  6. Recommendations rule
    We are a college run by educators & business people, for educators & business people. That means listening to employers, responding to students, and ensuring we are continually evolving to meet the expectations of both. We measure the performance of our faculty, and the success of the courses we offer, based on student evaluations. As well the growing number of business leaders recommending our college is a testament to our growing reputation.

  7. Change for good
    We believe vocational training has the power to change personal & professional lives for the better. That’s why we pride ourselves on being a sponsor for a number of independent development organisations for crafting a qualified workforce, helping research in different fields without financial burdens.



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