Wael Hossam

Career Objective

As I have been always perceived as a driven and credible business ally who sponsors strategic vision, and as I strive for ongoing development and change stewardship; my aim is to support people and organizations in building Human Capital Capacity, my scope starts with people who seek success and knowledge expansion


Major Career Achievements:
  • Leading emergence of HR culture and concepts through multinational work environments.

  • Leading ERP construction projects with hands-on in both tailored & adapted processes.

  • Leading company-wide Change Management projects.

  • Leading Pay Strategy and Pay Scale Restructure Projects.

  • Leading Salary, Benefits and Incentive Schemes Remodeling Projects.

  • Playing a key role in organization expansion and acquisition moves, thus leading Organizational Chart Redesigning Projects (Including Casual Labor Systems).

  • Reformatting Company Policies & Procedures and congregating it in Employee Manual.

  • Structuring effective communication model to ensure smooth flow of information in both directions thus to facilitate strategic decision making process.

Functional Areas:

Organizational Development:

  • Leading Restructure projects.

  • Cofounding, designing and building the company work-flow procedures manuals.

  • Creating succession plans as well as career paths for all employees.

  • Advising top management on key person’s management issues.

  • Producing periodic reports covering all aspects of company human resources in order to help/advice top management in making decisions/amendments regarding Human Resource Management.

  • Building and leading HR team through functional activities starting with conducting job analysis process, and developing the entire company job descriptions.

  • Establishing job specifications guides.

  • Associating an industry-matching incentive scheme.

  • Advising Top Management and leading the Management Board throughout the Organizational Chart development process.

  • Developing the company policy and employee hand book.


Training and Development:

  • Leading the HR team in conducting the TNA thus defining departments training needs.

  • Developing the company Training Plan.

  • Managing the (Company-training providers-IMC) coordination process.

  • Presenting business orientation sessions, management, leadership and soft skills sermons.

  • Managing and following up on carrying out outlined training plan.

  • Evaluating training programs in order to generate reports and recommendations.



Recruitment, Selection and Capacity Building:

  • Preparing personnel forecast and projecting employment needs in order to breed the company manpower plan and suggesting a manpower budget.

  • Attracting, developing and retaining the highest caliber of employees available for the company by conducting the full recruitment process including needs job posting, selection and interviewing as well as hiring procedure.

  • Leading the HR team as well as line management throughout the recruitment process.

  • Conducting a full recruitment progression for the company key persons.

  • Participating in job fairs and educational institutions open houses.

  • Producing job offers that matches the company salary structure, aiming the benefit of the company, satisfaction of the new comers and compliance with labor law.

  • Ensuring recruitment phase closure and Following up on the induction segment.

  • Planning and conducting new employee orientation to foster positive attitude toward organizational objectives.

  • Conduct exit interviews to identify reasons for employee termination.

  • Managing the staff-contracts renewal/termination process.


Personnel and Performance Management:

  • Working closely with top management to ensure work flow fulfillment.

  • Initiating and developing HR applications on MACC ERP system.

  • Leading the fundamental role of employee relation newly emerged unit.

  • Playing the role of the two-way interpreter between staff and management.

  • Performing difficult staffing duties, including dealing with understaffing, refereeing disputes, firing employees, and administering disciplinary procedures.

  • Establishing a performance appraisal system for the whole organization (from design to evaluation) and ensure circulation and completion of appraisals in timely manner.

  • Circulating, monitoring and developing corporate policies and procedures

  • Maintain records and compile statistical reports concerning personnel-related data such as hires, transfers, performance appraisals, and absenteeism rates.

  • Analyzing statistical data and reports to identify and determine causes of personnel problems and develop recommendations for improvement of organization’s personnel policies and practices.

  • Allocating human resources, ensuring appropriate matches between personnel.

  • Assisting in resolving all personnel problems in the organization and taking measures to prevent problems from happening again.

  • Leading the HR team in handling the daily personnel issues (attendance, leaves, permissions …etc.) thus feeding payroll system and leaves records.

  • Retaining all employees’ files and ensuring they are completed and updated constantly.

  • Managing and following on the (Company-labor authorities) business integration.

  • Ensuring that the whole HR concerns are in complete labor law conformity condition.


Total Reward System:

  • Leading the HR team in handling the daily thus monthly payroll procedures.

  • Affiliating an incentive and benefits system that is fair and competitive with respect to all levels of the organization.

  • Developing and over viewing medical/health insurance program and handling any claims/problems that may arise

  • Developing and administering special projects in areas such as pay equity, savings bond programs, day-care, and employee awards.

  • Monitor and improve employee satisfaction and morale through implementation and development of different programs that will motivate them.


Career Profile

Appointment: 1/9/2015 to 31/8/2015.

Position : Human Resources Director.

Employer : Maridive Group (www.maridivegroup.net)

The Middle East No. 1 player in the field of Off-shore support, construction and diving services.


  • Reporting to company Executive President with an advisory role to Chairman and MD.

  • Leading emergence of HR concepts through an international operations setting.




Appointment: 3/7/2011 to 31/8/2014.

Position : Human Resources Deputy Manager.

Employer  : Suez Steel Company (SSC) www.suezsteel.com

                   A +2000 employee organization, a major player in the steel industry all through the Middle East & North Africa, SSC produces Steel Re-Bar & Billet & DRI and Lime at a rate of +2 million ton per year.


  • Acting as HR Manger, reporting to Company General Manager with an advisory role to MD.

  • Leading emergence of HR concepts through a multinational work environment.

  • Leading SSC restructure project with expertise of Deloitte & Touche Human Capital Consulting / HAY Company.


Appointment: 15/11/2009 to 30/4/2011.

Position : Human Resources and Administration Manager.

Employer : ANBORG STEEL S.A.E.   www.anbrog.com.

                   An Egyptian Italian shareholder company that works in Steel Structure and Plate

Work fabrication, Exporting is the main activity; European market is the main target.


  • Reporting to Company General Manager with an advisory role to MD.

  • Managing all issues related to company Administration and Security Sections.

  • Playing a key role in the company restructure and internationalizing




Appointment: 1/3/2007 to 14/11/2009.

Position: Head of Coordination and Follow up Unit (CFU).

Employer: The Library of Alexandria “Bibliotheca Alexandrina” Egypt www.bibalex.org

Function : 

  • Managing, supervising and coaching the team of the CFU to achieve perfect performance within the units’ objectives.

  • Responsible for the planning of simultaneously ongoing CFU

  • Responsible for the CFU tasks distribution.

  • Responsible for following up on CFU quality outcome as a team and individuals.

  • Recruitment and Selection.

  • Training and Development.

  • Capacity Building.


Free lancing:

Appointment: 15/3/2009 to Date.

Position: Human Resource Management Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer.

Employers :

   Function :

  • Designing and preparing course materials, presentations, layout and methodologies.

  • Delivering training programs.

  • Following up on evaluation process.

  • Participating as a trainer in several youth development programs, chief of them:

  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

  • Future Generation Foundation (FGF).

  • Young Innovators Program 23/6/09 – 3/7/09 (Organized by World Bank).

Appointment : 30/6/1996 to 2/1/2007.

Position: Armed Forces Officer.

Retirement Rank: Major.                      Arm of service: Signal Forces (Communications).

Employer : Egyptian Armed Forces.    Branch: Commandos / Training Authority.     



  • Working for more than five years in the Armed Forces Grand Training Authority.

  • Practicing and conducting all regular personnel management activities.

  • Intensively practicing all areas of leadership.

  • Practicing coaching and on-the-job training applications on daily basis.

  • Planning, Setting and conducting the units’ training agenda.

  • Following up on the whole training process.

  • Evaluating and examining training effectiveness.

  • In charge of planning the off-the-job training agenda for the successful candidates conducting the evaluation and appraisals procedures for the subordinates.

  • Responsible for the accuracy of the units’ compensation system.

  • Responsible for recommending a Succession plan for the unit.

  • In charge for the whole recruitment and placement process of the unit.

  • Leading, managing and reporting all related issues to military training.

  • Leading, managing and reporting all related issues to training, functioning, maintaining, warehousing and securing military radio devices and attachments.

  • Leading and managing different teams with different numbers of subordinates to achieve planned targets.

  • Leading, managing and reporting all related issues to military training.

  • Leading, managing and reporting all related issues to training, functioning, maintaining, warehousing and securing military radio devices and attachments.

  • Leading and managing different teams with different numbers of subordinates

To achieve planned targets.

  • Performing as member of larger team individually as well as team leader.

  Job Description:  Confidential (as per military orders).


  1. Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Major: Human Resource Management

Arab Academy for Science and Technology (December 2012)


  1. Professional Human Resources Management Certificate. (September 2009)

Arab Academy for Science & Technology in association with the American University in Cairo; it is considered as one year study Diploma that consists of seven modules:


  • Training and Development.

  • Recruitment and Selection.

  • Principles of Management.

  • HR Information Systems.

  • Organizational Behavior.

  • Compensation and Benefits.

  • Labor Law.


  1. Sc of Military Science (V. Good)

1993-1996 Military Academy.


Courses achieved:

  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt

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