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Approach Your SAT Exam with Confidence

SAT is not only an exam you should study for to get high scores, it is a tool to assess your academic skills. It is your gateway to joining a well reputed university. During the course you will learn the life skills needed to approach your academic life with confidence.

During the SAT Preparation Course, you will be trained on the skills and the sub skills of the SAT exam.

NHC presents you the chance to be prepared in the right way 

Join us now and Start your Journey to Academic Success!



In the English section of the SAT Preparation Course, students will go cover the different questions of the reading and writing section. A special attention is given to all language


In the Mathematic section of the SAT Preparation Course, students will solve practice problems, and will answer practice exams to train them on the all the skills of the SAT Math Section.

  • Beating Test Anxiety in High School

  • General SAT Strategies

  • SAT Reading Test Strategies

  • SAT Essay Strategies

  • SAT Writing and Language Test Strategies

  • SAT Math Test Strategies

  • Problem Solving and data Analysis

  • Algebra

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