The workshop focuses on the importance of understanding the different kinds of customers and establishing excellent communication strategies as a major tool for survival in the fierce digital age.  Participants in the workshop will discuss various current case studies from the market to pinpoint major professional customer service pitfalls and work on creating innovative skills for customer relationship management.

Objectives of the 8 hour workshop:

By the end of the 8 hours, attendees will be able to:

1. Deal with different kinds of customers.

2. Use appropriate attitude while communicate with different kinds of customers.

3. Use effective questioning techniques to identify customer potential needs.

4. Establishing solid rapport with different kind of customers.

5. Utilize survival techniques within the digital age threats.

Who should attend?

Young professionals who have a maximum of 2 years experience in the field of customer service and sales in different businesses. The workshop is suitable for those who are interested in the field regardless of their academic background.

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