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The Ofqual Regulated TEFL is accredited by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations (Ofqual) at Level 5 on the National Qualifications Framework for England & Northern Ireland. The qualification allows you as a teacher to teach both in the UK and overseas. This course offers a flexible alternative to CELTA and Trinity Level 5 TEFL courses.

This qualification covers the essential requirements for teaching English as a foreign language. By the end of this course; learners are able to understand the current role of English as a global language and present the whole language skills and features effectively.

The 130-Hour Advanced TEFL Certificate provides a comprehensive introduction to the theories & methodologies of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). It thoroughly prepares you to successfully teach different age groups in different teaching settings. The course covers an extended syllabus, considerably longer than the industry standard of 100 hours. The training focuses on lesson planning & practical teaching skills which equip novice teachers and inspire the experienced. This course is ideal for those who desire flexibility to gain a TEFL professional qualification.


Structure & Duration

NHC Advanced TEFL Course has seventeen chapters divided into two terms. Course tasks are marked and returned with comments and guidance from your personal trainer. The chapters have been carefully selected to develop your teaching skills. The design of the course offers a great deal of flexibility. You have up to eight weeks to finish your course.

Your Learning Pathway

  1. Finish chapters 1 to 7

  2. Take the first term quizzes

  3. Finish chapters 8 to 17

  4. Take the second term quizzes

  5. Download your task-based exam

  6. Upload your work

  7. Receive grades and feedback

  8. Receive your Advanced TEFL Certificate


*Certificates will be delivered within 15 working days.


Course work


Frist Term

  1. Grammar Rules & Terms

  2. Teaching Pronunciation

  3. Teaching Grammar

  4. Classroom Management

  5. Lesson Planning

  6. Teaching Vocabulary

  7. Introduction to TEFL Methodology1. Using Games & Songs

Second Term

  1. 1. Using Games & Songs

  2. 2. Teaching Reading

  3. 3. Teaching Listening

  4. 4. Teaching Speaking

  5. 5. Teaching Writing

  6. 6. Teaching Literature

  7. 7. Cooperative Learning

  8. 8. Teaching Young Learners & Teenagers

  9. 9. Selection and Use of Course-Book

  10. 10. Materials and Aids


Course Objectives

  • Get introduced to the various roles/duties/qualities of a teacher in the ELT industry

  • Become acquainted with various methods related to classroom management skills

  • To be able to plan topic-based lessons so as to ensure that students are able to communicate effectively

  • Improve their language awareness

  • Develop familiarity with appropriate resources and materials for use with young and adult learners   

  • Learn how to evaluate course-book and other teaching resources

  • Be introduced to strategies related to exploiting the 4 language skills in order to make teaching and learning more effective & enjoyable

  • Learn about the various approaches needed when teaching adults and teenagers


Course Assessment

The Advanced TEFL Certificate is achieved by satisfactorily completing…

  • Fourteen quizzes

  • Four 500-word assignments

  • Six lesson plans

  • A three-part task-based comprehensive exam

Your work will be assessed and a detailed feedback will be sent to you with your grade.


Our Qualification…Makes the Difference!

The Advanced TEFL Certificate…

Develops and supports EFL teachers.

Gives the academic base you need.

Helps you succeed in various teaching situations.

Provides job guidance & placement assistance.

Provides you with the information you require to become an effective teacher of English

This course is also offered through distance learning.

Open up a World of Opportunities with our TEFL Qualifications!

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