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At Notting Hill College – Egypt Mini MBA classrooms, we approach learning in a professional and creative manner. In Mini MBA programme we believe that all learning should begin with an immersion in real world problems. What this means is that nearly every concept has been embedded in a company faced with a major strategic problem and we challenge you to imagine how they would address that problem in reality. Through descriptions of the strategic choices the company’s leaders made, including how they applied the concept of the topic you learnt, the critical thinking questions, plus the online exercises, we expect you to learn and apply what you’ve learnt to a real life business situation.


In Mini MBA programme, you will learn from real cases at global firms like Mirador, Suntech power, H&M, Nike, Sirius & XM, plus small, local companies. When you enroll in NHC Mini MBA, you are making a commitment to becoming an active participant in a community of learners. In Mini MBA, you are not only applying to learn, you are applying to engage.

Is NHC Mini MBA Right for You?

We’re looking for intense, high-energy learners, people who are ready to interact to reach their full potential. What this means is that if you are hungry for an immersive learning experience that could potentially change the way you think about the business world, we may be just the thing.


We don't expect you to know anything about business going in, but you should have a deep curiosity or interest in it. You may still be in college; thinking about your future career, or you may have an established career but have not yet had an opportunity to learn how business items related to each other to achieve a competitive advantage. Your background may be in history, literature, engineering, or science. None of that stuff matters. What matters is you are ready to dig in, do the work, and put in the time to develop a fresh understanding of the business world around you.

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Jump Start-Up or Refresh Your Career

Have you ever thought how business professionals develop their mindset to build their dreams, and how economic forces affect every aspect of their businesses? Have you ever wondered why dramatic growth of international business affects virtually every company, even those that never reach beyond their own borders? Have you ever wondered why managers in every industry today must balance the demands of running a profitable business with the expectations of running a social responsible company?


Mini MBA qualification takes you on an engaging exploration of the fundamentals, strategies, and dynamics that make the business world work.


Starting by getting you ready for the whirlwind tour of the business world by a quick overview of what businesses do and then some advices on making the leap from consumer to business professional. Going through a brief introduction to economics from a business professional’s perspective, by setting a high level look at the study of the economics as an essential principle to successful business management for consumers and investors, too, passing by the international business aspect that helps you competing in the global employment market place. Exploring the basic ideas of business ethics and social corporate responsibility prepares you to make tough choices regarding violating ethical principles, and much more.


Through NHC Mini MBA you’ll learn & practice the aspects that make businesses compete in a challenging marketplace. The NHC Mini MBA programme is based on learning five main modules; each module consists of four sessions;

  • Module 1: Introduction to Business, Economics and Business Ethics

  • Module 2: Entrepreneurs, Management Roles & Production Systems

  • Module 3: Human Resources Management

  • Module 4: Marketing Management

  • Module 5: Managing Accounting and Financial Resources


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The Only British Accredited Mini MBA
in Egypt

The NHC Mini MBA measurable learning outcomes have been benchmarked using Ofqual’s Qualification and Credit Framework level descriptors at Level 5. This means NHC Mini MBA is internationally recognised and equivalent to higher national diploma that grants 12 college credits.

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