Marketing Management

Diploma in Marketing Management Marketing plays a very essential role in the success of a company. It educates people on the latest market trends, helps boost a company’s sales and profit, and develops company reputation. Although marketing is important, if it is not conducted and researched well, the company might just be wasting on expenses and time on a failed marketing approach.Now you could be a creative and wise marketer enough to promote your products with the proper marketing tactics. Through NHC School of Business Professional Diploma in Marketing Management you are able to utilize various types of marketing approaches that can be applied directly to your organization.

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Marketing Management (Basic Diploma )

Module 1 : Marketing Principles

  • The function of marketing and its role in an organization, as well as how the marketing mix is used to satisfy customer needs.

 Module 2 : Customer Communications

  • The different customers that organisations have, and  way of communicating with those customers , through building a marketing communications plane. The many different ways of communicating with customers, both inside and outside the organisation.

Module 3: Digital Marketing Essentials

  • An understanding of what is meant by digital marketing and the key communication tools used .it outlines the key factors that influence the digital consumer including social networks and virtual communities . it identifies the importance of developing campaign content aimed at specific market how campaign can be measured .

Module 4 : Consumer Behavior

  • This module deepens the study of consumer behavior into investigation  of how having (or not having) certain products affects our lives . It looks at how prossesions influence how we feel about ourselves and each other, especially in the canon of social media and digital age .

Module 5 : Digital Strategy

  • To provide insight into how organizations can implement a digital marketing strategy and build these capabilities into the overall strategic plane.

Module 6: Understanding Marketing Management

  • Defining marketing for the 21stcentury .

  • Developing marketing strategies and plans.


Marketing and Management (Advanced Diploma)

Module 1: Strategic Marketing

  • The strategic marketing planning process , including how to evaluate and implement it through effective management or resources.

Module 2: Mastering Metrics

  • An understanding of the key marketing metrics and measurement techniques you will be able to identify and interpret insights to support informed strategic decision .

Module 3 :Capturing Marketing Insights

  • Gathering information and scanning environment  .

  • Conducting  marketing research and forecasting on demand .

Module 4: Building Strong Brands

  • Creating brand equity

  • Crafting the brand position

  • Competitive dynamics

Module 5: Shaping the Market

  • Setting product strategy

  • Designing and managing services

  • Developing pricing strategies and programs

Module 6: Delivering Value

  • Designing and managing integrated marketing

  • Managing retailing , wholesaling , and logistics

Module7: Communicating value

  • Designing and managing integrated marketing communications.

  • Managing mass communications: Advertising , sales  promotions, events and experiences, and public relations.

  • Managing personal communications: direct and interactive marketing , word of mouth , and personal selling

Module 8 : Creating Successful Long-Term Growth

Introducing new marketing offerings

Tapping into global markets

Managing a holistic marketing organization

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