Building a personality doesn’t appear by coincidence it needs a path filled with patience, education, practice and innovation.

That’s why in Notting Hill College Junior Development Centre we put into consideration creating a healthy atmosphere for your kids to help them shine and meet the world’s variables by expanding borders through pre-primary programme brings the world into the classroom.



Notting Hill College Junior Development Centre presents a 3-level for very young learners of English.


The curriculum of Notting Hill Junior Development Centre is adopted from International Institutions and highlights on learning English via music and songs.


The Programme consists of songs from around the world with fun, games and interactive activities to introduce very young learners to the world of English and different cultures.


Each level covers:

  • Traditional songs from around the world

  • Vocabulary presentation and practice

  • Presentation and practice of key concepts

  • Speaking practice and review

  • Fun games, videos and activities





In Notting Hill College Junior Development Centre we encourage parents to let their children discover the world, by organizing twice a year summer and winter camps in Greater Manchester

For students aged 8 to 17 years old.

These programmes are designed to combine first-rate classroom teaching with an abundance of exciting activities to entertain young people while they learn.

We focus lessons around “immersive Theory “which means students develop their second language by living and interacting in an English-speaking environment.

We believe this gives students an experience which is close to replicating the learning of their first language and ameliorates overall language development.

Each lesson integrates activities which enhance all four language skills, speaking, listening, reading &writing. Special attention is also given to grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Our classes are highly communicative& dynamic with the sole focus on the learner.

Outside the classroom we take the advantage of Manchester as a centre of culture and sport to broaden students horizons by arranging trips to famous attractions sites.


With Notting Hill College Junior Development Centre camps let your child learn, enjoy and explore.


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