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Improve Your Human Capital Performance with an accredited certificate from the UK plus Coverage of SHRM Topics Preparing You for the Certification Exam

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It’s more complicated being a human resource manager today.  It requires new competencies and skills. The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) has itemised the behaviors and competencies that today’s HR manager should be able to exhibit:

  1. Leadership & Navigation – the ability to direct and contribute to initiatives and processes within the organisation.

  2. Ethical Practice – the ability to integrate core values, integrity, and accountability throughout all organisational and business practices.

  3. Business Acumen – the ability to understand and apply information with which to contribute to the organisation’s strategic plan.

  4. Relationship Management – the ability to manage interactions to provide service and to support the organisation.

  5. Consultation – the ability to provide guidance to organisational stakeholders.

  6. Critical Evaluation – the ability to interpret information with which to make business decisions and recommendations.

  7. Global & Cultural Effectiveness – the ability to value and consider the perspective and backgrounds for all parties.

  8. Communication – the ability to effectively exchange information with stakeholders.

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  • The Notting Hill College Professional Diploma in HR Management provides you with the daily tools and skills you need to function as successful manager--in both human resources and business in general. With a practical approach, our programme explores the evolution of the field, highlighting the introduction of revolutionary new technologies and social media platforms such as LinkedIn and cloud computing.

  • NHC latest updates on HR Management Diploma programme focuses on the positive impacts technology has had on the HR field. The ability to vet potential employees on the Internet shifts more HR responsibilities to managers, leaving HR departments with more time to carry out strategic, long-term endeavors for boosting employee performance and engagement. With a heavy focus on emerging industry trends, our programme prepares you with everything you need to be successful manager and HR personnel in the 21st century.

Why Is HR Management Important to All Managers?

HR management concepts and techniques can help all managers to ensure that they get results – through others.  These concepts and techniques also help managers:

  • avoid common personnel mistakes such as: hiring the wrong person; experiencing high turnover;

  • finding your people not doing their best;

  • wasting time with useless interviews;

  • facing lawsuits because of discriminatory actions;

  • receiving citations under federal occupational safety laws for unsafe practices;

  • having some employees think their salaries are unfair and inequitable relative to others in the organisation;

  • allowing a lack of training to undermine a department’s effectiveness,

  • committing any unfair labor practices.

  • improving profits and performance.

Learning Outcome
  • Use human resource management techniques to improve performance, productivity, and profitability.

  • Improving Performance: HR Tools for Line Managers and Small Businesses

  • Improving Performance: HR as Profit Center

  • Improving Performance: HR Practices Around the Globe

  • Improving Performance Through HRIS

  • Diversity Counts

  • How digital and high-tech trends are shaping human resource management

  • Understand how the employer’s human resource management policies and practices produce the employee skills and performance the company needs to achieve its strategic aims.

  • HR is the responsibility of every manager.

  • HR managers must defend plans and contributions in measurable terms.

  • HR systems must be designed to achieve the company’s strategic aims.

Programme Content

Module 1: HRM Strategy

Module 2: Recruitment, Placement, and Talent Management

Module 3:Training and Development

Module 4: Compensation

Module 5: Excel 2016 for Human Resource Management Statistics

Find out more about NHC HR Diploma syllabus here


12 hours per module


Enrichment Topics in Human Resource Management Workshops

These workshops are been designed to keep Notting Hill College Professional Diploma in HRM graduates up-to-date with related human resources issues.

Serious of five 8 hours’ workshops to be completed within a year


  • Building Positive Employee Relations

  • Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining

  • Safety, Health, and Risk Management

  • Managing Global Human Resources

  • Managing Human Resources in Small and Entrepreneurial Firms


To gain the full qualification from Notting Hill College – UK, a pass in five mandatory modules and a final project is required. Each module can also be taken as a stand-alone to gain a module award.

Study with us and access

  • High quality learning resources

  • Outstanding academic &business related tuition from our expert tutors\instructors

  • Highly supportive network from a dedicated support team,

  • 24/7 access to NHC online resources

  • An unrivalled reputation – over 90% of our delegates would recommend us.

  • Accredited certificates from Notting Hill College – UK


A formal qualification in Human Resources can open many different doors. Remember that careers are dynamic – you have to pave your own journey through experience & vocational qualification.

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