Educational Leadership & Management

Lead Effectively


Spread development in schools or community programmes by studying 4 parts covers the latest techniques required to promote a positive school culture and efficient learning according to OFqual’s qualification and earn a certificate equivalent to level 6RQF.

Course Structure

To accomplish this study learners are supposed to deliver and pass 13 assignment after completing 370 hour Training.

Part 1

Schools &Principals

  • highlights the compound nature of schools  

Part 3

Managerial Responsibilities

  • managing material resources ,pupil services and provide a safe school environment

Part 2

Leadership Expectations

  • focuses on principal behaviour , evaluating and maintaining

Part 4

Vital Aspects of Practice

  • problem Solving &decision making and career planning


To apply you need to have the following:

*level 3 or 4 in appropriate subject (Bachelor’s Degree)

 * Mandatory 2-3 years of teaching experience.

   * Experience in school administration is highly recommended


Study Format

This diploma is a 370 Hours Training Equivalent to Level 6 RQF, to achieve this diploma you should complete thirteen 500 word assignments.

  You can study it in different ways as following:

  • Distance Learning

  • Blended Learning ( Choose your Class in The Uk , UAE or Egypt)


Your course grade will be based on four measures:

  • Active , thoughtful participation and attendance 10%

  • Course Assignments 70%

  • Mini projects and group work 20%

  • At Notting Hill College , student’s assignments undergo a rigorous process of assessment by a number of personnel before the final results are calculated.


Learning Outcomes

BAfter completing studies candidates will act as educational leaders in ethical manners as they will gain knowledge to promote success of all students



You will receive all the materials required to complete your study via Notting Hill College online portal in case of distance learning or Original books if you join us in Manchester.



Notting Hill College is accredited by ASIC and BAC and we are an approved centre of ATHE & TQUK; both awarding bodies are recognised by Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation and the Welsh Government. They offer qualifications on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). We also offer you a free verification service for your certificate.

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