Professional Diploma in
Management & Leadership

Changing the Mindsets; from Managers into Leaders


In the face of these challenges, leadership development has never been more critical. What worked in prior years will not necessarily work in today’s demanding environment. More is expected, and managers must become leaders capable of thinking in new ways, acting decisively, and engaging employees on a global scale. The organisations that will succeed are those with leaders at all levels who can rapidly and effectively respond to non-stop challenges, non-stop change.


Is it ever too early to think about the kind of long-term impact you’ll have on your organisation? Is it ever too early to think about what people will think, say, or do, after your tenure as a leader has ended, as a result of having worked with you? We think the answer to both questions is no. It’s never too early to think about the kind of influence your leadership will have after you’ve retired or taken a position with another company. In fact, we believe that the earlier leaders begin to consider their leadership legacy, the better leaders they will be.

Professional Diploma in Management & Leadership at a glance

This programme addresses the core leadership competencies required of managers in today's commercial environment. It is particularly appropriate for those with operational or technical backgrounds who are now tasked with the managing of others. It is also an excellent induction module for newly promoted staff and a valuable resource for the more experienced manager. Blending theory with practice, this qualification focuses on workplace learning to ensure situational relevance.


The Diploma of Management & Leadership from Notting Hill College – UK is designed to provide essential knowledge and tools for new managers, supervisors, and leaders in all industries. It identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities that new supervisors and managers need to perform in today's workplace.


Mission of our diploma

  • It enhances management and leadership knowledge, skills and ethics

  • It develops confidence and improves on-the-job performance

  • It verifies a level of management competency and leadership potential

  • It offers a competitive edge for employee selection and advancement

  • It adds credibility to organization’s that invest in quality management

Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for this qualification.

Diploma Content

As management changes, how we view management must also change. Management shouldn't be viewed as individual silos of planning, organizing, leading and controlling

The Diploma of Management & Leadership curriculum is organized into 3 modules:

Module 1: Managing & Leading

Exceptional leadership is at the core of any successful organisation. As such, the leading function is the key component of effective management. This module concludes with a look at what managers & leaders can do to improve communication and build resonant relationships at work through supporting ethical and effective leadership using different sorts of motivation and clear communication as well.

Content includes:

  • Managing and Leading Today: The New Rules.

  • The Leadership Imperative: It’s Up to You.

  • Motivation and Meaning: What Makes People Want to Work?

  • Communication: The Key to Resonant Relationships.

Module 2: Planning &Organising

This module looks at what managers and leaders can do to ensure a sound mission, a compelling vision, and the capacity to act on strategic plans. The topic concludes with ways we all can work efficiently within our organisations structure such as leading the informal organisation and managing up.

Content includes:

  • Planning and Strategy: Bringing the Vision to Life.

  • The Human Side of Planning: Decision Making and Critical Thinking.

  • Change: A Focus on Adaptability and Resiliency.

  • Workplace Essentials: Creativity, Innovation, and a Spirit of Entrepreneurship.

  • Organizing for a Complex World: Forces Affecting Organizational Structure and Design.

Module 3: Leading & Controlling

This module objective is to increase awareness of the importance of strong teams in both management and leadership functions and to lead and control towards the organisation success.

  • Teams and Team Building: How to Work Effectively with Others.

  • Working in a Virtual World: Technology as a Way of Life.

  • Organizational Controls: People, Processes, Quality, and Results.

  • Culture: It’s Powerful.

  • Globalization: Managing Effectively in a Global Economic Environment.

  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: Ensuring the Future.

  • Managing and Leading for Tomorrow: A Focus on Your Future.



Diploma of Management and Leadership curriculum invites its leaners to explore all of the key concepts related to management, while developing their own leadership skills and learning how to apply concepts to real-world situations. It emphasises high standards around sharing research, theories and models.

Our training methodology helps learners become educated consumers of knowledge:  treatment of research, models and management practices encourages critical thinking.

Our training delivery offers a variety of learning and teaching approaches including lectures, case studies, video cases, presentations, and group discussions.


36 Hours


  1. 3 certificates of attendance

  2. Professional Diploma in Management & Leadership from Notting Hill College - UK


Awarding Institutions

Notting Hill College – UK

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