Diploma in Educational Psychology


The Educational Psychology Diploma (EP) provides a framework for teachers and trainers to develop effective lessons and assess each students learning. EP greatly emphasizes how children develop what triggers learning. EP focuses on trends in educational development while also focusing on educational diversity. By the end of this course, learners are able to illustrate different learning and development theories, identify how the cultural differences affect a students’ educational experience and identify key cognitive, social and moral development theories


Educational psychology concentrates on how students learn and develop.

It emphasises trends in educational development while also focusing on educational diversity.

For teachers and trainers to fulfill their instructional role effectively,their teaching methods must be grounded in educational psychology.


The Diploma in Educational psychology will be of great interest to educators who are interested in developing effective lessons based upon the knowledge and understanding of educational psychology.

Learning about educational psychology is essential for teaching mixed ability classes.

It is also open for parents who want to learn about their children’s development & students who are interested

in learning about the psychological side of the learning process.


  • Describe the process of learning and the types of motivation;

  • Differentiate between behaviourism and constructivism as the two main learning theories;

  • Name renowned philosophers, psychologists and researchers associated with educational learning theories

  • Illustrate with examples the different learning & development theories

  • Monitor student development

  • Identify key cognitive, social and moral development theories

  • Describe the gender differences & the impact of the physical, social, academic and cognitive factors

  • Identify the impact of cultural differences on student’s educational experience



The curriculum of this diploma is divided into three main modules; the learning process,

student development and student diversity & individual differences.

Understanding the Learning Process

  • Introduction to the Learning Process

  • Behaviourism

  • Constructivism


Understanding Student Development

  • Physical Development

  • Cognitive Development

  • Social Development

  • Moral Development


Understanding Student Diversity

  • Gender Differences

  • Cultural Differences


Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment of this course aims to determine your understanding of the main concepts covered in the Diploma. There are three tests at the end of each module.Questions are either multiple choice or true or false questions.

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