Digitalization is the NOW & the FUTURE

Digitalization is the NOW & the FUTURE

You can now learn with us how to use Web 2.0 tools to market your products and services, and to build your own platform. Join us in Alexandria premises and grow your business. 

Notting Hill College – School of Business is pleased to offer you a new workshop “Digitalize your business through Web 2.0 tools and Social Media Networks”. This workshop will help you develop your digital  skills. With us, you learn how to maximize your profit through the Web 2.0 tools and social media networks. The workshop will take place from the 13th  of July 2019 to the 18th  of July 2019 in Alexandria Premises.


During these 6 days-workshop, you will get introduced to different tools that you can use to market your products, build your own platform, make your own videos, and much more.


You don’t have to pay a huge amount on different Software to create and develop your business. At Notting Hill College’s workshop, you will learn how to save your money by using open source tools.


Our workshop is presented by Dr Dina El Kordy. She has a double Master degree from France and specializes in distance learning. Dr El Kordy has a lot of experience in this training field inside and outside of Egypt.


As we believe that practice is the base of every learning process, we guarantee you that you will enhance your skills through practical information of every theoretical information you learn.


A summative training will be at the end of this course, it consists of the design of a digital project from each of the trainees. During the course, the trainee will create his own presentations with the different tools and will share it with the pairs to be commented by them on a platform.


Our workshop is your chance to develop your skills and grow your business. Join us and don’t miss the chance.


For more information, contact us on 01097447111 or 01098861988.

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