Are you ready for a unique learning experience that will help you succeed in college?

The Diploma in Writing is

a three level programme designed to enable you write
effectively and clearly. It introduces you to the different writing styles, and trains you on different types
of writing: descriptive, persuasive, argumentative, narrative, reflective … and more

The overall aim of the writing programme is to help you succeed in your college courses and ultimately graduate as a fluent, confident, versatile writer.

This is achieved via extensive practical activities to help you write great sentences, paragraphs, and essays. Each level contains a wide variety of writing models in
carefully selected rhetorical styles.


Our Approach

Develop Writing Skills … Achieve Academic Success!

The comprehensive approach used in the Diploma in Writing allows students to practice the writing process while exploring various genres including narrative, expository, technical, persuasive, response to literature, and letters and correspondence. This step-by-step approach uses grammar activities, graphic organizers, revision/editing practice, checklists, & timed writings to help students master the skills of writing & ultimately produce great coherent essays.


Your opportunity to stack up against your classmates!

The diploma builds student confidence by resenting step-by-step, easy-to-learn processes for effective writing. It helps learners develop the key writing skills needed to achieve academic success.


This practical diploma is for individuals who have intermediate writing level. The course introduces tudents to writing sub skills at the college-level. For this reason, a written placement exam is given to all applicants at the beginning of the course.

Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the Diploma in Writing, students would be able to demonstrate the following competences…

  • Developing pieces of writing that is suitable for the field, occasion, or genre in its use of theses, argument, evidence, and structure.

  • Creating essays that is based on competent, careful reading and analysis of texts.

  • Mastering the preparatory writing strategies such as drafting, revising, taking notes, and collaborating.

  • Producing final drafts of essays that have been effectively proofread for correctness of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.

  • Demonstrating mastery of content; effective participation in discussion and ability to give presentations.


A “portfolio” is simply a collection of work. Many professionals use portfolios to show other people what they are capable of producing. In the Diploma in Writing, the majority of your final grade will be based on a portfolio of six finished pieces of writing that will represent your capabilities as a writer by the end of each level. Your portfolio is read and evaluated by at least two tutors.
The created essays have to capture and hold the attention of college-educated readers, have focused & supported ideas that challenge the intellect of such readers conform to the general conventions of academic writing.

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