Keeping the information fresh and reinforcing new learning is a constant challenge to adult trainers. Trainers persistently ask themselves questions like: how can I assess the level of knowledge and the learning style of my trainees? How can I determine the learning needs of my audience? How can I improve my classroom charisma? Who are the dicult participants and how can I handle them? Should I design my own material? …etc.

Course learning outcomes


1. Prepare participants to analyze their audience and tailor their material and program delivery to suit them
2. Provide tactics for handling surprise
situations and difficult participants
3. Show the ways how to evaluate and assess the audience and how to keep them learning after you’ve stopped
teaching them
4. Give a successful 20 minute presentation


Program objectives


1. Explain how adults differ from children
2. Identify the characteristics of the exceptional trainer
3. Understand and identify different behavioral and learning styles and adapt training as necessary
4. Identify the importance of TNA
5. Develop strategies for handling hecklers, bullies and other disruptive participants
6. Point out the highlight and pitfalls of various visual aid options and classroom set up
7. Presenting and delivering in a clear,concise & engaging manner.Participants will demonstrate successful understanding of key concepts during a practice presentation

–The materials for participants is in English 
-The instruction will be in both English and




Level 1:

The perfect trainer
Adult learners and learning
Handling tough participants
Presentation methods and techniques
Managing training


Level 2:

Training needs assessment
From performance gap to smart objectives
Materials development and adaption
High tech, low tech and no tech visuals

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