NHC-Diploma in the Theory and Methodology of TESOL is a research-based programme, designed for teachers who wish to achieve a higher and advanced qualification level in the theory & methodology of teaching English to speakers of other languages. NHC Diploma in TESOL helps those who are serious about language teaching and seek excellence in their field. Enhancing professional competence and career opportunities are only two of many benefits associated with higher level credentials.

General Objectives

The course requires each student to…

  1. Demonstrate a thorough grasp of the 4 main aspects of modern English

  2. Predict the specific learning needs of any group of ESOL learners

  3. Write instructional objectives and prepare appropriate lesson plans

  4. Intelligently discuss an extensive repertoire of lesson forms

  5. Teach English effectively at any level

Learning Format

Do you require flexibility?

This programme is partially distance learning, partially online allowing you to work at your own pace and organise your study time around your personal schedule.


The progamme has 4 modules forming the basic theoretical framework for TESOL practice. Each module contains two assignments, which must be completed and uploaded on NHC Learning Portal. While you are ultimately in command of the time you take to finish the course, we estimate that each module, including assignments, will require approximately 75 hours of study. (300 Hours in total).


  1. A degree from an approved institution of higher education

  2. At least two years teaching experience

  3. Non-native speakers are expected to possess English language skills equivalent to IELTS level 5.5


Since this is a distance learning course, there is no specific start date; you may start when convenient for you. As far as course duration is concerned, this is totally dependent on your individual learning pace; however, we can advise you that it takes an average of 2 months to finish the four modules, plus eight 1000 to 1500 word assignments.

Module1: Teaching Methods and Teaching Principles (5 Credit Points)

Objectives: By the end of this module, students will:

  1. Be aware of the nature of language

  2. Understand how language is acquired

  3. Have been introduced to the different methodologies that can be used to teach English

  4. Be acquainted with the principles on which modern language teaching is based

Module2: Theory and Practice of TESOL: developing language skills (5 Credit Points)

Objectives: By the end of this module, students will:

  1. Be aware of the difference between receptive and productive skills

  2. Know the different approaches to teaching language skills

  3. Know how to teach an integrated lesson

  4. Sample activities

Module3: Planning & Organisation in TESOL (5 Credit Points)

Objectives: by the end of this module, students will:

  1. Know the different roles of language teachers

  2. Know classroom management techniques

  3. Know how to use materials and aids in theclassroom

  4. Know what is involved in developing lesson plans

Module4: Applications of Linguistics to Language Teaching (5 Credit Points)

Objectives: by the end of this module, students will:

  1. Know more about the fundamental areas of linguistics

  2. understand what constitutes errors in a language

  3. be able to handle linguistic texts with confidence

  4. be able to relate linguistic theory to the practice of teaching

Assessment & Grading

The modular format of the course obviates the need for a final test as the course is graded on an ongoing basis. The Diploma in TESOL is achieved by satisfactorily completing all tasks and assignments. Students have the opportunity to resubmit each module maximum of three times.

Grade C, Pass, have completed the course satisfactorily. They have attained an adequate standard in all the modules. Grade B, Pass with Credit, have shown that they are able to relate the theoretical issues studied to practical teaching situations. Grade A, Pass with Distinction, have demonstrated an ability to express original thinking, and a sound knowledge of TESOL


Your Distinction is our Mission

In our diligent attempt to help our alumni excel, Notting Hill College is pleased to announce a new attestation service for our qualification holders. The attestation comprises all education awards, including
certificates, degrees and diplomas. The new service helps NHC graduates obtaining the California Department of State Apostille, which also includes authentication from the Los Angeles County Registrar. Certificate authentication helps job seekers as well as other aspirants, who wish to live, work or study overseas.
The attestation seal guarantees the acceptance of your certificate by employers, immigration bodies, and government offices.



Notting Hill College a leading British provider of educational services. Notting Hill College is a member of the international community. We pride ourselves on being a member of different international associations. Our adherence to the international standards of the training industry has enabled us to establish and maintain a global reputation for top-of-the-line courses and services.

This course is also offered through distance learning.

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