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At Notting Hill College English Training Centre in Manchester, we strive to make learning English a rewarding experience. We understand that everyone is different and that is why we give special attention to our students’ individual needs. To address the diversity of needs we offer a wide spectrum of courses including General English courses for all levels, IELTS Preparation courses and one-to-one/one-to-two courses.

Our staff and teachers are here to provide all guidance, help and support. Your effort is continuously monitored to ensure that your progress is documented.  The methodology applied at Notting Hill College English Training Centre is the same one adopted by all Notting Hill College study centres and it is the key that has enabled us to become a pioneer in language training in many countries like USA, Kuwait, UAE, and Egypt. We base our learning system on two world-renowned approaches: the immersion and communicative approaches.

We provide our students with an enjoyable and stimulating learning environment and ensure our classes are motivating. All English courses are aligned with the common European Framework of Language References (CEFR).

We make sure that course materials are regularly updated and we choose stimulating, inspiring and intriguing topics to encourage you to communicate and share your opinions. All lessons are delivered to the highest professional standards.

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