Business & Management Programmes

Transform Today’s Learners
into Tomorrow’s Highly Productive Business Leaders

Our wide range of business programmes are helping college students, business professionals and entrepreneurs all over Egypt to develop their careers, organisations and the whole community.

Recent participants have gone on to:

  • Start new lines of business at their organisations

  • Re-organise operations to run with greater efficiency

  • Challenge competitors with an innovative strategy

How You Learn Is as Important as What You Learn

Business programmes at Notting Hill College are designed based on the latest research in the business field and proven methods in effective teaching.

Our Learning System is designed from the beginning up based on practical exercises and case simulations that the leaner will need to go through along with the theory to learn the topic of the course.

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Mini MBA Diploma

Business Diplomas

Management&leadershiprketing Diploma

Advanced Sales

Personal Finance

Marketing Diploma

Our Learning System

  • Engages learners in activity-rich business simulations

  • Creates memorable learning experiences

  • Handles activities in questions, answers, and feedback

  • Provides an open ended real-world learning environment

  • Encourages the power of exploration with guidance

  • Is an efficient learning process via carefully designed learning strategies

  • Enables immediate measurement of learning outcomes

Our Unique Philosophy

Approach: We take an international approach to teach business and place a strong emphasis on making sure learners have the skills that employers are looking for. Our learning process ensures that learners acquire enlightening knowledge, skills and growing self-confidence by being exposed to diverse learning opportunities. Our global school has outstanding academic credentials combined with real-life experience.

Resources: We provide our learners with up-to-date informative training materials and resources. Learners receive a comprehensive package of everything they would need to study a course most efficiently.

Delivery: We have created a learning delivery system that allow learners to reach their needs through offering a wide variety of learning options regardless of learners’ locations and busy schedules. We offer our courses in three learning formats; distance, online, and classroom learning.

Trainers: Our inspirational trainers in all our licensed schools create an interactive learning environment that allows real-world experience.

Impact: Our alumni are confident and comfortable enough to make presentations, work in diverse teams, communicate ideas, solve problems innovatively and manage themselves & others and bring in their own creativity to their learning experiences.


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