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In partnership with the University of Bolton (UK)


Notting Hill College offers you a Two-Phase Bachelor Degree Programme, allowing you to gain a high-level qualification at a fraction of the cost. Our programme is typically your passport to a successful future. You will learn valuable technical and soft skills providing you with a great competitive advantage to become a successful manager in today’s competitive and global environment.

With Notting Hill College’s BSc (Hons) programme, in partnership with the University of Bolton, you will get the chance to experience British education at its best. With two study options, we guarantee you a highly flexible programme.

  • Option One: Study full time at the University of Bolton for your three years BSc (Hons) degree.

  • Option Two: Study two years with Notting Hill College then top-up one year with the University of Bolton.


Course Structure

First Option

Get the full British experience by choosing to study full time for three years at the University of Bolton.

In this phase, at the University of Bolton, all learners must complete 12 core modules, 17 optional modules to choose from. And you are required to pass a final project (business project or dissertation).

Course Start Date 23/09/2019 or 27/01/2020

Second Option

Get triple the rewards. Study for two years with Notting Hill College and earn two British accredited Extended Diplomas, then study for one year and gain a full Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Bolton.

As we value your time and money, we designed a very flexible programme especially for you. You can study Level 4 and Level 5 distance learning only or blended with one month in the UK.

Phase One: Two years

Year one – Level 4 Extended Diploma in Business and Management

In this phase, you have to complete the mandatory units plus FOUR optional units.

Mandatory Units:

  • The Business Environment

  • People in Organisations

  • Financial and Management Accounting

  • Techniques for Managers

  • Communication Skills for Business

Optional Units:

  • Resource Management

  • The Marketing Mix

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Managing a Work-Based Team Project

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Administrative Services

  • Managing Information and Knowledge

  • Managing Operations

  • Managing Quality

Year Two – Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business and Management

In this phase, you have to complete the mandatory units plus FOUR optional units.

Mandatory Units:

  • Business Organisations in a Global Context

  • Research Project

  • People Management

  • Finance for Managers

Optional Units:

  • Managing Communication

  • Marketing Principles and Practice

  • Managing Sustainability in an Organisation

  • Small Business Enterprise

  • Planning a New Business Venture

  • Business Law

  • Operations Management

  • Information for Strategic Decision Making

  • Organisational Analysis and Change

  • Financial Systems and Auditing

  • Business Ethics

Phase Two: One year

Year Three – BSc Business Management Top-Up


In this phase, study your one-year Top-Up Bachelor Degree at the University of Bolton, number one University for student satisfaction in Greater Manchester. This top-up offers you the chance to be a part of a well-established undergraduate community and prepare yourself for the job market. You will be supported by a dedicated team of experienced and well- qualified staff drawn from business and academic background.


You will be required to study the following modules:

  • Strategic Management

  • Global Marketing

  • International Human Resource Management

  • Information Systems for Business Strategy

  • Work and the Employment Relationship

  • Financial Reporting for Management

  • Methods and Academic Skills

  • Dissertation II


Course Start Date – October or February



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