Catching your dream job is now easier than ever. With us, you learn how to get your employer’s attention from the very first second.

We will introduce you to the tips and tricks that you can use to write a catchy CV and motivation letter.  For example, do you know that a recruiter looks at each CV for 15 seconds maximum? You only have 15 seconds to convince your recruiter that your CV is worth his time. We will help you to master different skills and techniques for a unique CV and motivation letter.

Once you get your phone call and your interview’s date is announced, prepare yourself to the next step. Being impressive in an interview is not only about your attitude during the interview itself. But a serious preparation before it. Preparation is your key to success.

Finally, you got the job. Congratulations! Before signing your contract, you need to have good knowledge of your rights and obligations. This is where we introduce you to the Egyptian Labor Law.

Our workshop at Notting Hill College (NHC) helps you to unleash your hidden strengths in order to impress your recruiter and interviewer. This workshop will take place in all NHC’s premises in Egypt – Alexandria, Cairo and Port Said. With our professional trainers and throughout the workshop, we will train you in a very practical way in order to be prepared to launch a successful career.

If you wish to know more about these tips and tricks, book your chair now and

don’t miss the chance.

For more information, please contact us on:

  • Alexandria: 01097447111 or 01096767663

  • Cairo: 01274442500 or 01200509218

  • Port Said: 01065662662 or 01025516788

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