Professional Diploma in Advanced Sales

Turning Selling Concepts into Action

In today’s tough economic market, winning and keeping customers takes the best possible skill-set. Today’s workforce is made up of millions of knowledge workers who succeed only when they add value to information. Salespeople, and many other knowledge workers, add value to information when they collect it, organise it, clarify it, and present it in a convincing manner.


This professional diploma level course from Notting Hill College - UK gives people the advanced communication tools to win more deals, more of the time. Our advanced sales diploma will also help participants build the loyalty of existing customers.


Let us agree that the career of sales professionals is more difficult as customers continuously change their purchasing behavior and as competitors become tougher. The Professional Diploma in Advanced Sales is designed to prepare sales professionals with essential skills to enable them to compete and grow in today’s professional environment. It provides participants with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and activities needed by the active sales force in all levels in order to function effectively. This diploma is awarded by Notting Hill College - UK.

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Diploma Content 

You may think sales is intuitive—not realising that there are strategies you need to learn in order to solve complex customer buying problems and build long-term partnerships. This diploma programme carefully outlines the progression of relationship-building sales techniques in each topic, building your understanding and skills throughout the sessions.

Module 1 Developing a Personal Selling Philosophy

  • Relationship Selling Opportunities in the InformationEconomy

  • Evolution of Selling Models That Complement the MarketingConcept

Module 2 Developing a Relationship Strategy

  • Ethics: The Foundation for Partnering Relationships That CreateValue

  • Creating Value with a Relationship Strategy

  • Communication Styles: A Key to Adaptive Selling Today

Module3 Developing a Product Strategy

  • Creating Product Solutions

  • Product-Selling Strategies That Add Value

Module 4 Developing a Customer Strategy

  • The Buying Process and Buyer Behavior

  • Developing and Qualifying Prospects and Accounts

Module 5 Developing a Presentation Strategy

  • Approaching the Customer with Adaptive Selling

  • Determining Customer Needs with a Consultative Questioning Strategy

  • Creating Value with the Consultative Presentation

  • Negotiating Buyer Concerns

  • Adapting the Close and Confirming the Partnership

  • Servicing the Sale and Building the Partnership

Module6 Management of Self and Others

  • Opportunity Management: The Key to Greater Sales Productivity

  • Management of the Sales Force

Diploma Goals

  • Apply theories of buyer motivation.

  • Create a prospecting plan.

  • Apply time management techniques to the art of selling.

  • Evaluate and apply ethical practices in selling.

  • Write steps and goals of the sales presentation.

  • Describe the integration of technology into personal selling.

  • Develop complete pre-approach information.

  • Design an approach.

  • Determine wants/needs of the customer.

  • Prepare and present a value added solution.

  • Select and prepare selling tools for demonstration.

  • Anticipate and negotiate sales resistance.

  • Develop and use trial close.

  • Develop and use closing techniques.

  • Demonstrate when and how to use expansion selling.

  • Demonstrate techniques of servicing the sale.

Training Methodology

Variety of teaching methodsare been used throughout the sessions:

  • Presentation Outlines

  • PowerPoint Slides/Transparency Masters

  • Adaptive and Reality Selling Videos Case Problems, and Role Plays

  • Communication Styles Assessment

  • Role-Play Exercises


Professional Diploma in Advanced Sales from Notting Hill College – UK

Awarding Institutions

Notting Hill College – UK

Notting Hill College is a dynamic British institution which specialises in further education as well as vocational training. The College was established in 2004 and ever since that date, it has been constantly expanding in various tracks; curriculum and programme design, academic partnership and network construction. Notting Hill College's UK campus is accredited by Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC). Notting Hill College awarding body is ASIQUAL - Academic & Skills International Qualifications. ASIQUAL has deemed that number of Notting Hill College’s qualifications is equivalent to the UK (QCF) levels and European Qualifications Framework (EQF) Validated Awards. Notting Hill College is a UK register of learning providers' number 10028428 as well as being a member of the international community; Notting Hill College is an organisational member of:

  • The British Institute for Learning and Development (BILD),

  • The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA),

  • The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL),

  • The College of Teachers (COT).


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