Promote Excellence in Education... Is the goal of Notting Hill College since it was established 2004 in Manchester as an educational provider that is at the forefront of academic learning in 3 main areas : Business management Training, Teacher Training and General English.

We provide various styles of studying such as distance , Online , blended and classroom learning in our premises worldwide as we encourage you to study abroad in order to expand your borders with new expertises and discover different cultures …. 

Study Abroad:

Your Gateway to Explore and Build


University of Bolton

One of the biggest benefits of studying abroad is to rediscover yourself and identify your strengths.

It’s a valuable opportunity to receive a High-Quality of Education, to be well positioned in the future and a chance to gain new lifelong friends who descend from different backgrounds, to expand borders and earn different experiences could be considered as key elements to mature your personality.

Studying abroad will create your opportunity to explore new cultures, with its incredible food, traditions & a whole new social atmosphere… So do not miss the chance.

With NHC, you can study in one of our premises in The UK, UAE and Egypt the following programmes:

We are pleased to announce that we are the official recruitment centre for the University of Bolton in Egypt. Number one University for student’s satisfaction in Greater Manchester.

If you are looking to continue your studies in the UK, you are in the right place. We are going to help you – step by step – to enrol in your Bachelor degree or Master degree at the University of Bolton. You don’t need to worry about your admission process, we are here especially for you. And it is totally FREE.

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 of Teacher Training School

Special curriculums are recently designed and implemented by School of Teacher Training experts, to improve educators

Professional skills and establish a proper system of Education.


You only have to choose your programme and it is our mission helping you to grow and shine as an inspiring teacher

By studying the following:


Applications are now open for the “NHC Leadership for Women program”.

Notting Hill College Programmes

If you're ready to move your career forward, we have a program for you.



Notting Hill College up-to-date business programmes curricula drive professionals like you to launch new business ideas & succeed in management positions.

Teacher Training


Notting Hill College teacher training  programmes aim to give you the skills & confidene that would spice up your class!



  • Translation

  • Linguistics

  • Writing

  • Pronounciation

Our Team

Dr. Gabrielle Hargreaves

I am the Business Development Manager for Notting Hill College in the UK. My background is teaching English to speakers of other languages and business development. I love learning and working with a variety of students from all over the world. I believe that education is of upmost importance and I am proud to work with Notting Hill College to deliver high quality, valuable programs to our students.

Get Qualified, Get Certified & Unlock Your Potential

What Sets NHC Apart?

Accredited Vocational Qualification

To ensure your training qualifications are globally accepted & relevant to the latest needs of employers, at Notting Hill College – Egypt you got accredited vocational qualifications according to The Qualifications Credit Framework in the UK.

Affordable, Flexible Training Opportunities

We value your time & money, that’s why our qualifications priced very competitively & can be paid on installments, to reduce financial burdens, and delivered in various learning formats to fit into your professional & personal commitments.

Globalised Learning Experience

Through standarised learning resources and highly qualified trainers in a friendly training environment, you got trained as if you’re in the UK. As in a globalised marketplace, we guarantee that your training investment results’ cope with globlisation.

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